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March 2010

VICS --- Beijing --- Review

Beijing two most famous night clubs (part 2)(by Jiaqi)

Being much given to indie rock recently, a hip-hop dance floor seemed not a right place for me. Yet, there are certain things that did impress me when looking back on the hours in VICS.
Accustomed to a smoky and noisy atmosphere in club, still I couldn’t help but frown and put a hand on mouth in case my heart might jump out of it under attack from the powerful sound wave when I stepped into the underground disco. But amazingly, VICS was much more crowded with young and fashionable people than Chocolate. Roman and I squeezed through the crowd to the dance floor whose smallness was out of my expectation. A bit weary as I was, I preferred to have a seat and look around. A night club might embody a city’s internationality best. I watched people dancing there. Somehow it reminded me of the cartoons from a book named China gemalt - Chinesische Zeitgeschichte in Bildern Friedrich Schiff. Schiff drew a lot pictures about Shanghai night clubs between the World Wars. Chinese women made a living by spending time with foreigners there. But in fact, it was an unrelated association. The Chinese young people I saw there were confident, lively, quite enjoying themselves, maybe also a little bit spoiled. And the waiters seemed humble and friendly, not the same with Chocolate. One interesting thing is, if Chinese mingled with other East-Asians in a dance floor, usually we Chinese can differentiate who are Chinese, who not. The slight distinctions are besetting in body language, dressing and dancing styles. Likely, European can also notice the difference between people from Europe by the same way.
Remember how Chocolate looks like a fine restaurant? Compared with that, VICS is more of a disco. It made me feel like in a modern era, a cool one, with a big screen playing hot videos, while Blues in Harbin created a jungle atmosphere ( Blues might be a nice wooden café if they fire their DJ and strip dancers.) Hip hop is not a big interest for me, but it suits VICS, I guess.

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